Royal Movement is a premier transportation provider that is committed to excellence, security and professionalism. With a concentrated focus solely on the client, Royal Movement brings true value to the marketplace. Utilizing luxury SUVs, sedans and specialty vehicles, we ensure getting from where you are to where you want to be is more than an event. It is an experience.

Since inception, Royal Movement has provided uncompromising ground transportation for everyone from the corporate executive to the individual traveler, and everyone in between. With exquisite service and magnificent attention to detail, our benefits and features assist you with not only your needs, but your wants as well.

Our Mission

Welcome to The Ultimate Royal Experience.

Royal Movement exists to provide you with solutions. Too often when people travel there is a problem, an element that is missing. A personal touch, a unique element. We believe you should be treated like the royalty you are, so we ask for you preferences at reservation so your vehicle arrives just as you specify. No detail is too small. We don’t overbook so you can have confidence you will be given a superior level of quality service each and every time. Also, should something arise that you do not agree with, we will attend to the matter and it will not be considered corrected until it is in alignment with your expectations, not ours.

Our Purpose

We drive because of your drive. The drive to fly wherever you need or want to be…The drive to just relax and unwind…The drive to meet someone that could change your life…Or the drive to see someone who already has…