How far in advance do I need to book a reservation ?

To ensure we will have a vehicle available when you need it, the farther in advance of your travel date that you can book, the better. Royal Movement also strives to accommodate even same day, last-minute reservations. Call when you’re ready to book, and we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

What is Royal Movement's billing procedure?

Please read below to familiarize yourself with Royal Movement's billing procedure for all reservations.

Reservation Confirmation: After purchasing services from Royal Movement, you will receive a reservation confirmation e-mail. The charges contained in your confirmation are calculated based on the information provided to us at the time of the reservation, and are intended to serve as a good faith estimate only. The final trip total will be calculated based on duration of travel time, tolls, parking, taxes and additional charges, where applicable.

Pre-Authorization: Thirty-six hours prior to your trip, Royal Movement will request a pre-authorization of your credit, debit or pre-paid account for the estimated total of your reservation confirmation, and an additional 30% of the total. A pre-authorization is a "hold" on funds from your bank account drawn by Royal Movement when we initially take your account and payment information, but have not yet processed the final charge(s) for your trip. The pre-authorization guarantees that the provided account information has the available funds to pay for the services purchased from Royal Movement, and is removed when processing the final total. Your trip may be canceled if we are unable to request a pre-authorization from the provided payment information prior to your trip.

Final total: The final trip total is calculated after the vehicle returns to our facilities and will be reflected on your provided payment information within 48 to 72 business hours after the completion of the trip. If you do not receive a final receipt, please contact our Accounting department at 888.231.8693 or account@royalmoves.com.

Please note that you may experience one of the following situations as a result of the pre-authorized charge on your payment information:

  • Your bank statement may temporarily reflect a "double-billing" or multiple payments to Royal Movement for the same charges.
  • While your bank does not decline a payment to Royal Movement, your bank still may place a hold on certain funds in your bank account.
  • Although Royal Movement may decline your payment information, your statement may continue to show that a payment to Royal Movement is pending.

Royal Movement is not responsible for any services fees or charges you may incur when authorizing the provided payment information.

How is the final total of my reservation calculated?

Below are types of charges that may represent your final trip total for purchasing Royal Movement's services.

Base rate: This charge represents the cost of the purchased vehicle at the hourly minimum of your reservation. Hourly minimums may vary, depending upon the type of reservation. For example, flat-rate reservations have a set hourly minimum, versus an “As Directed” or hourly reservations. See Hourly Minimum for more information.

Discretionary gratuity: For all reservations, a suggested percentage of the vehicle’s base rate added to the trip total for chauffeur gratuity. Any gratuity that may appear on your invoice is wholly voluntary; the amount constitutes only a suggested sum and is entirely left to the discretion of the customer, and can be negotiated or waived at any time.

Hourly minimum: Also known as “garage-to-garage time” or “portal time,” this standard charge reflects the minimum hourly rate of any vehicle. For flat-rate transfers, this flat charge represents the time the vehicle leaves our facility until it returns after drop off. As Directed reservations are billed at a higher hourly minimum, as the reservation is billed hourly. Hourly minimums may increase depending upon vehicle type and the final travel time of the vehicle during your reservation.

Late cancellation: When customers are unable to provide adequate notice of cancelling a reservation, they will be charged the full trip fare and a 20% gratuity charge. Royal Movement must have eight hours’ notice from the pickup time on the reservation.

No-show: This charge is incurred when the passenger cannot be located or contacted by the chauffeur or Royal Movement within (a) one hour for airport pick ups (time begins when passenger’s plane lands) or (b) 30 minutes for non-airport pickups. A no-show charge includes the full trip fare and a 20% gratuity charge to the customer’s payment information. Customers having trouble locating your chauffeur should avoid incurring this charge by not leaving the requested pickup location without first contacting us at 888.231.8693.

Tolls: This charge represents tolls that may be incurred by Royal Movement between the pickup and drop-off destinations, as well as for tolls during the chauffeur’s return trip. Tolls are calculated for all flat-rate transfers based upon the most expeditious route. Tolls are billed as incurred for hourly reservations.

Waiting time: Delays are inevitable, which can sometimes keep customers from meeting their chauffeurs. For each reservation, we provide a window of time for customers to greet their chauffeurs at the requested pick-up time and location before incurring charges.

  • Airport pickups: Royal Movement monitors all commercial airline information provided by the customer to ensure on-time airport pickups. We allow a 30-minute grace period is allowed on all domestic arrivals and a 60-minute grace period on all international arrivals. Waiting time charges will apply after the grace period and are accrued in quarter-hour increments, based on the vehicle’s hourly rate.
  • Non-airport pickups: We allow a 15-minute grace period for all pickup locations other than airports. Waiting time charges will apply after the grace period and are accrued in quarter-hour increments, based on the vehicle’s hourly rate.

Our Accounting department is standing by to answer any billing questions you may have, and can be contacted at 888.231.8693 or at account@royalmoves.com.

What type of vehicles does Royal Movement use?

The Fleet page showcases the vehicles Royal Movement has selected to transport its customers. We utilize a late-model, luxury fleet of sedans, SUVs and large-capacity vehicles, which includes the Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Suburban, Mercedes-Benz S550, Full-Size BUS.

Our vehicles are garaged in a climate-controlled environment.

Vehicle type and availability may vary when travelling outside of our corporate-owned locations.

Do your affiliates have the same quality standards?

Yes! In order to transport our customers, Royal Movement affiliate partners must reflect our customer service and operations philosophy. We have an extended affiliate network with partners that operate all over the world under a set of standards that meet our most stringent and highest expectations.

What if I can’t locate my chauffeur?

Periodically, our experienced and professional chauffeurs have difficulty making contact with customers. Even though our chauffeur is in your neighbourhood, it may be difficult for him or her to make contact with you.

If you are having trouble locating your chauffeur, please take the following steps to ensure you avoid incurring any no show, late cancellation or wait time charges.

  • Stay put: Do not leave the pickup location on your reservation.
  • SMS alerts: If you are signed up for Chauffeur Notification alerts, you will have been provided with the chauffeur’s mobile number.
  • Stand by the phone: The chauffeur has also been provided with your contact information and may contact you to advise of his or her location.
  • Contact Royal Movement: Call us at 888.231.8693, and follow the prompts to inquire about the status of your chauffeur’s arrival. Our Dispatch department will contact the chauffeur and provide you with an update status on his/her arrival.

How will I know once my chauffeur arrives onsite?

Customers can elect to receive Chauffeur Notification SMS alerts to let you know when your driver has been assigned and again when they arrive at your pickup location.

To receive these alerts for a current reservation, give your reservation confirmation number to a reservation agent, at 888.231.8693. Don’t forget to sign up for Chauffeur Notification alerts the next time you’re booking a reservation.

I really liked my chauffeur. How do I request him or her again?

A lot goes into training and selecting the few to become Royal Movement chauffeurs, and we’re so happy to hear you had a great experience.

When booking your next reservation online, submit your request, along with the chauffeur's name, in the Comments for the Chauffeur field. If you're having trouble remembering his or her name, speak to someone in our Reservation Center to help find that information. When booking over the phone, let our reservation agents know who your favorite chauffeur is.

We understand how comforting it can be to have a chauffeur you know and trust. While we cannot guarantee your request, we will do everything possible to have your favorite chauffeur available.

Is gratuity included?

A suggested gratuity charge is calculated into the total on your reservation confirmation. Any gratuity that may appear on your reservation confirmation is wholly voluntary and the amount constitutes a suggested sum only and is entirely left to the discretion of the customer, and can be negotiated or waived at any time.