Continuing Commitment to your personal safety:

  • Chauffeurs undergo extensive Federal and State background checks
  • Drug and Alcohol zero tolerance policy
  • Psychometrics exams to assess each candidate's personality
  • Ongoing service training

Perfecting the Art of Royalty

  • Daily vehicle preparation and preventative maintenance
  • Logistical planning ensures on-site arrival 15 minutes prior to pickup
  • Bottled water and device chargers equipped in all vehicles
  • Etiquette criterion for providing personalized service
  • Saftey training and defensive driving training


Every detail of your experience is personalized before you even step into one of our vehicles.

GPS integration allows ideal tracking, reservation and billing process

Chauffeurs receive real-time updates through smart phones. Any change is immediately implemented

SMS and email notifications to notify clients of chauffeurs on-location status and contact information

Each vehicle in our late-model, luxury fleet is well maintained and pulled from service after 36 months

Partnerships in the hospitality, travel and private industries

Our affiliate network extends your experience